September 13th, 2011



I guess it's time for my annual brain leak.
Once a year I get these loooooong brain leaks.
They usually take about 20 minutes from start to stop and I don't edit them because then they wouldn't be brain leaks now would they?
Here's this year's.

by holly brewer
September 12th, 2011

You will never cry
even when the streets turn from grey to red
and the gutters are filled with dead
families from every land
piled for us all to see

You will never ache
even as the blades of grass
lush and green
are made heavy
with blood, sinew, tears and snot

You will never feel sorrow
even when pieces
of our bodies
lay in the town square
and the rain grows pink rivers;
our stories flowing downhills everywhere

You will never rest
even when fragments of our shattered skeletons
litter the bus stops and alleyways
and our intestines lay like party streamers

You will never be satisfied
until you have taken not only our lives
but our will to thrive as well.

You will never show fear
even when it is the only sound you hear

You will never grieve
even when we are screaming, "HELP!"
in every single language

You will never cease
even though our legs and arms are
so dislocated
so distorted
that we resemble spiders in honey

You will never apologize
even while we hold our leaking stomachs
near people we don't know
who love us
screaming to us
"Wait right there, don't move!"
"Stay low I'm throwing you a rope!"
"I can drag you"

You will never wait
when we can't hear any more
because the blood filled our ears
from the inside
and the world turns

You will never feel for us
even as we scramble across the field
to our sister
still holding onto her father.
You will never help us
even though she is screaming,
"There is where his heart should be, That is where his heart was!"
She stands up
She is pink mist

You will never reflect on your actions
even when one moment our son's head was there
and in another moment it wasn't
We hold him now
like no one has ever held you

You will never care
even as your empire tumbles around you
and your families fall apart
because of your corruption and greed

You will never think
that your actions make this Earth out to be anything
but the paradise that it is

You will never change
even when the women and men who serve you
are waking up by the hundreds
They no longer believe in your lies
and now they fight with us
Against you

Those of us here
will plant trees on your graves
to keep time

Those of us you murdered
our souls smile
in a way that only a soul can
There is
no more suffering

It is a terrible loss that
this is the only way
you know how to exist

We will never stop resisting you
You will never win